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The universe had to align itself for my path towards yoga to begin. I had to lose everything overnight to begin from scratch. Worst of all, I lost myself. I had no place in the world and had no idea what to do with my life. A dark cloud of depression surrounded my existence while I fought harder than ever to recover even a sliver of my past. However, I have found sense in all the chaos. I had to lose it all to find my life’s calling.

" ... I had to lose it all to find my life’s calling ... "

" ... The universe had to align itself for my path ... "

My way

In July of 2014 I completed my first yoga retreat in Costa Rica, which awoke a passionate curiosity in me for yoga. My close contact with nature and daily yoga practice opened my eyes to a new world. Most of all, it opened my mind to the philosophy of yoga.

My encounter with yoga studies
After a year of practice, my heart realized that yoga was the only thing it wanted to do for the remainder of its life. I ultimately decided to work towards a Yoga instructor certification at Yoga Works. I eventually graduated in January 2016. Soon after graduation I began teaching yoga free of charge and for donations at local parks and fitness centers. Slowly but surely, I started working in different yoga studios. My career in yoga was indeed flourishing.

However, I felt that something was still missing. As I moved from studio to studio and engaged with people from different walks of life, I understood something about myself. My passion was helping others take care of their bodies to avoid diseases, and yoga was my tool to do that.

During this time, I was also looking into the career of yoga therapist. I saw many connections between these two careers and it caught my attention. Through researched, I managed to find a program called Yoga Therapy RX founded by Dr. Larry Payne at the University of Loyola Marymount. I was faced with another important, but difficult decision.

Was I to start my vocational career as a yoga therapist or was I to immerse myself in everything yoga? I decided to sign up for the yoga therapist course with Dr. Payne.

I completed my 500 hours of Yoga Therapy and I also managed to travel to India to learn more about the roots of yoga. I had the good fortune of taking philosophy and Pranayama courses in India. I was also certified in basic Ayurveda and therapeutic massages with essential oils.

Currently I am specializing as a Yoga therapist. I use all the skills that I’ve acquired from the many workshops and certifications I’ve attained throughout my career.
My career is 100% focused on helping others to face their physical and psychological problems much like I have done with myself.

My mind and body have been primordial tools to investigate my past experiences and emotional and physical conflicts. These experiences also help me better understand my students.

My gratitude to all people who somehow influenced my path to my career as yoga instructor. However I would like to do an special mention to these amazing souls:

Michelle Chua

Founder of Root 2 Rise Yoga

My first yoga instructor  who inspired me to enter the amazing world of yoga, and also to become a yoga instructor.

César Martinez

Founder of Ultimate Athletic Gym.

The first person who believed in me as yoga instructor and  who gave me the first opportunity to teach yoga at his fitness studio. Thank you forever amigo.

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