¿What is Yoga Therapy?

It is based on the philosophy of traditional yoga and adapts its classical techniques such as postures, breathing exercises, deep relaxation, and meditation.

Special focus is given to body alignment in yoga poses and there may be more use of supportive material (such as chair covers, a belt or even a wall if needed).

The benefits of this therapeutic yoga service can help you delay some musculoskeletal surgery and common everyday injuries.

With therapeutic yoga you learn to treat pain and discomfort related to stiffness, tight muscles or other pains like degenerative aging such as arthritis.

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Benefits of Therapeutic Yoga:

" Every human being is
the author of his health
or desease "

- Buddha

Our Testimonials:

My favorite classes are back classes, hips and yoga tea group, my experience is that it helped me a lot to know more my body to change physically, I have more elasticity, stronger with my physical and mental balance, less stress. I feel more spiritual, I value and respect my body. Meeting and living with people in the tea group (gym) is great.

SaraStylist and masseuse

Yoga in group was how I started at first I did not feel the benefits, but I knew that it would help me improve my stress levels with the days I started to see the results, managing to have a relaxed mind and your body will also be managing to do the different yoga positions, I like your way of explaining the classes.

Felix HerreraEl Aviso Magazine

I am very grateful to your class as I am a person who suffers from stress, anxiety and back pain and that is hereditary to see how my maternal family has suffered from that and that there is no cure for his age anymore. They talked to me a lot about yoga and I proposed it when I heard about your classes especially in Spanish much better since it is my mother tongue and with more confidence I feel to ask.

Mara Yaya Nannie

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